All About Me!

All About Me

By. Nellie Edwards

My name is Danielle, but I go by my nickname, Nellie. I am 13 years old. I LOVE READING and I love all of my school subjects! I love to sing and put on cute little productions with my cousins when they visit! My favorite color is purple (the best color in the world)! I am a triplet, in seventh grade, and I have seven pets. Two guinea pigs – Charlie and Fluffy that me and my sister, Olivia, share. A dog – Gracie, My other sister, Hannah, has a hamster named felix, and we also have three cats – Bella, Marcus, and Bob (they are all related). I support animal rights and I am against animal cruelty. I love to inspire and hope to someday work in a profession that could help others. 


5 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Hi Nellie-

    I was just randomly visiting student blogs that were featured in Miss W’s weekly recap and I stumbled on yours, which is so funny since your sister Hannah is in my class (and she’s blogging like crazy, too). I think you did a superlative job of sharing out “things we don’t know about you.” That was really fun to read. I’m glad your finger survived the electric pencil sharpener. Like you, my favorite stores are where I can get the best deal–try sometime. 🙂 Tell Hannah I stopped by your blog and said hello. 🙂

    Mrs. Rombach

  2. Hi Nellie

    I LOVED your about me Blog! Where do you live now? My favorite season is Winter. I used to know triplets, there named were Jaylen, Jayden, and Jayla. I have a friend named Nelly who loved to read, her can read about six books per week. What happened to Douglas Fir? What is Taekwondo? You can come visit my blog at

    • Hi, Marilyn! Thank you so much! I live in the U.S. Douglas Fir is probably tucked away in our storage room in our basement 😀 and Taekwondo is like karate and martial arts.

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I’ll be sure to visit yours as soon as possible 😀

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