Before I jump right into my lil’ presentation that I’ll be sharing with you guys, I just wanted to say I’m sorry (at least to those of you who visited in hopes of a new post)! It’s been five whole months since I last posted – ahhhh! That’s a long time for someone who said they’d be posting more frequently 😛 whoopsies.

Anyways, in English this year, we’ve been working on paraphrasing and research, and it has led up to this slideshow that you see below. This slideshow is the result of much research done by my friend, Ayesha, and myself. It is required that we share our presentation with the world outside of Eagle Ridge, so we decided I would post it on my blog. This is our opinion on GMOs and how they’re affecting our world right now 🙂 Please enjoy and feel free to leave your opinions on GMOs in the comments! 😀




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