Hello Bloggers!

Hi edubloggers 😉 

First things first, I wanted to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Smith for keeping my blog up through my extreme inactivity 😀 I’ll do my best to start being more active. I’ve been really busy! Sixth grade seems like a cakewalk compared to seventh. I wonder what eighth grade will bring… 

Anyways, what I wanted to say is that almost a week ago (October 22nd) I turned 13! You’re probably wondering why I would just randomly say that and you most likely don’t care… but I wanted to spark some conversation in the comments below!

When’s your birthday? (033/365) November 26, 2009: Happy birthday to me Jason Alley via Compfight

I know this post was very short and I’m sorry. It almost feels incomplete… like it’s missing a huge component 🙁 but this was sort of just a “I-wanted-to-let-you-know-post. I’ll hopefully make up for it later and become more active. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 

Happy Blogging, 


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