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Hi, guys! It’s Nellie here and I want to talk to you about an important topic: bullying. You may be thinking that you know everything about it, and that I’m going to be repeating the same old, same old. But I’ll do my best to inform you with some new information.

I may throw in some facts here and there (which you hopefully haven’t heard before). But before I start, I want to make you aware that bullying isn’t something you should just assume comes from a larger student with not-so-good grades or a “popular” girl with blonde hair and nice clothes. Nor should you assume that someone who isn’t so big, with glasses and good grades is always the victim who is bullied. Those are called stereotypes. As you are reading my blog post, I want you to erase those classic images of what bullies and the victims “should” look like from your mind.

Types of Bullying

There are a few different types of bullying. Cyber Bullying is one, it is online bullying and it usually occurs on social media and because of increase in technology use, it is becoming more and more of an issue. Another type of bullying is verbal, which consists of name calling etc. Physical bullying is another type of bullying and can include hitting, damaging property, kicking, and pinching. Lastly, convert bullying, which is new to my knowledge and hopefully to yours too. Convert bullying is a hard to recognize type of bullying, it usually consists of spreading rumors or doing rude things behind a person’s back consistently.

What are the Effects of Bullying?

Bullying affects people all around the world, but I’m specifically talking about bullying in the United States. In fact, “over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.” and “approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying.” I got these interesting facts from For more facts and information about bullying, click on the link provided above! 😀

How To Deal With Bullies

If you’ve witnessed bullying and don’t know what to do, start with talking to a trusted adult.     I know that everyone tell you that, but it’s true! I’m telling you this because some kids still don’t talk to a trusted adult about whether or not they have been bullied or if they have seen it for many different reasons. One probably being, they don’t want the bully to find out. You should never feel afraid of something like that. If you’re really worried about a bully getting ‘revenge’ on you for talking to an adult about about an issue, you may want to have your friends’ support. If they’re real friends then they would do anything to help you. Also, talk to your guidance counselor if things get really bad. Just remember, there are always people who want to help you. You are not alone.


Bullying affects people all over the world every day. Some cases end very severely, and others maybe not so serious. But both hurt. Sometimes physically and sometimes mentally, maybe even both. To learn even more information, click the link here. That link directs you to a website that is titled, Putting an End to Bullying Without Bullying. I hope you all can give it a look and comment what new information you found interesting. If you have a friend you know bullies people, talk to them and ask them what’s going on. It’s not okay to make someone feel lesser because something or someone is bringing you down. Again, I will say, talk to an adult you can trust. I really hope you learned something new when reading my post today, and if you did please comment! Thanks for visiting my blog! Just remember, have courage and be kind.

What can you do to help prevent bullying in your community? 

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