Commenting and Getting More Visitors

I’m doing this post for the student blogging challenge and I saw that a lot of people did posts on commenting and how to get more visitors on your blog. I decided to do both!

When commenting always use netiquette!

  1. Be kind
  2. Use proper punctuation
  3. Write in complete sentences
  4. Check spelling and grammar
  5. Relate to the post you’re commenting on

How to get more visitors!

I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to this but I have read a few other posts with tips on how to get more visitors!

  1. When posting, be appropriate. (This isn’t really a way to gain visitors but it is a helpful tip so that your amount of visitors don’t decrease)
  2. Join a blogging challenge and connect with students all over the world! (Joining the student blogging challenge is a great way to get more visitors)
  3. Comment on other blogs and leave a link to your blog so they can check your blog out. But try not to be rude or pushy when asking. Remember your netiquette! 😀
  4. Get your parent’s involved! Ask your parents to tell your relatives and their friends.
  5. E-mail your friends and have them pass on the word of your blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!


PS If you want your blog to be a little more interesting, add pictures to your blog! I loved this wordle! I just had to add it to this post! I also always add a title image to my posts in order to make my theme a little more interesting. You can add one by clicking the set featured image button to the right of a post you’re writing. Happy Blogging! 🙂



One thought on “Commenting and Getting More Visitors

  1. Nellie-

    I love your wordle! We’re going to make these in our class very soon. Thanks for sharing. I can now point your sister and her classmates to your blog to take a peek. Isn’t the blogging challenge fun? Your visits are growing daily–congratulations!

    Mrs. Rombach

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